My Ancestors

Norman Rockwell, Family-Tree

Family Tree by Norman Rockwell

Listed below are the ancestors and family members I have written about on this blog.  The list has two sections – Direct Line Ancestors and Other Family Members.  All individuals are listed in alphabetical order by surname.  Women are listed by maiden surname.  If the individual is my current end of line person or brick wall (bummer!), their name is bolded.


Direct Line Ancestors

AUSTIN, Louise Maria – my 3rd great grandmother.

BROWN, Andrewmy 4th great grandfather.

COSTELLO, JohnMan of Mystery, Alien File Update, John is my great grandfather.

DUVAL, Francis Cyprien – my 2nd great grandfather.

DUVAL, Francis Henry – From Portrait Studio to Bead Shop, Frank is my great grandfather.

ELLIS, Mary Margaret – Memorial Day Tribute, The Original Locks of Love, Margaret is my grandmother.

FOLKMAN, Jane Zina Petrina – my 2nd great grandmother.

HYDE, Alice – my 2nd great grandmother.

MAFFIT, Hope Estelle – From Portrait Studio to Bead Shop, Estelle is my great grandmother.

MAFFIT, Seth Potter – my 3rd great grandfather.  An Unusual Death.

PALLINA, Amelia – my 2nd great grandmother.

PETERSON, Peter “B” – my 3rd great grandfather.

PETERSON, Ronald Skeen – Memorial Day Tribute, The Original Locks of Love, Ronald is my grandfather.

SKEEN, Lyman Stoddard – my 3rd great grandfather.

SKEEN, Naomi – my great grandmother.

THERIEN, Prudentmy 4th great grandfather.

VICKERS, Ann – my 3rd great grandmother.

WHITELEY, Ann – my 3rd great grandmother.

YOUNG, James (1800-1870) – And his convenient death date, James is my 5th great grandfather.

YOUNG, James (1824-1895) – On Repeat, James is my 4th great grandfather.

YOUNG, Mary Brown – And her return to Scotland, Mary is my great grandmother.  I know where Mary is standing!


Other Family Members

BOLES, Christina – my 1st cousin four times removed, daughter of John Boles.

BOLES, Elizabeth Montgomery – my 1st cousin four times removed, daughter of John Boles.

BOLES, Helen – my 3rd great grandaunt, sister to my 3rd great grandmother Catherine BOLES Brown.

BOLES, John – The Disappearing Man, John is my 3rd great granduncle, brother to my 3rd great grandmother Catherine BOLES Brown.  Off to South Africa?, Unraveling the Mystery – Part One

BROUILLETTE, Dollie – my 1st cousin 4 times removed.

COSTELLO, David Anthony – my granduncle, son of my great grandparents Mary Brown YOUNG Costello and John Costello.

DOUGLAS, Maggie – birth name, Margaret Leckie McPherson Dempster, the wife of my 1st cousin 5 times removed.  Who is Maggie Douglas? Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

HUNTER, Sherry Grace – my 1st cousin 2 times removed, niece of my great grandfather Frank Duval.

HYDE, Baby Girl – my 2nd great grand aunt, sister of my 2nd great grandmother Alice HYDE Duval.

MAFFIT, Orrin Seth – A child with two names?, Orrin is my great granduncle, brother to my great grandmother Hope Estelle MAFFIT Duval.

YOUNG, George Vickers – A 98 year old ex-wife, and my shyness, George is my great granduncle, brother to my great grandmother Mary Brown YOUNG Costello.

10 thoughts on “My Ancestors

  1. Love your classification system, especially the brick wall bold 🙂


  2. Where is the memorial stone for Frank Duval is your 2nd great grandfather? Anywhere near Cornwall/Morrisburg area or Niagara area? I’d be happy to take an up to date pic for you if it is. I am currently researching my Duvall/Duval/DuVall ancestors so each and every Duvall name I come across is important.

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    • Hello Cathy! Sorry I’m slow. He is buried in the Vancouver, BC area. Thank you for the offer! A little out of your way though. Who are your Duval ancestors. My direct line goes like this: Francis Cyprien Duval – his parents: Alexis Duval & Marie Louise Demers – his parents: Francois Duval & Marie Gauthier – his parents: Francois Duval & Angelique Madore. And that is where I am currently stuck. My Duvals lived in Quebec, mostly near Rimouski and then Blind River, Ontario and Francis Cyprien is the first to venture away.


      • My Duval line is via my Mother. Herer Grandmother Hazel Luella Duvall (married Smith) (1898 -1960) James William Duvall (1866-1930) Elias John (Elija) Duvall 1840 – 1880, Joseph Duvall 1802 – 1891, Charles Duvall 1767 – 1861.
        Mostly in Ontario and New York state, but originated in France

        Charles Duvall:
        1788Age ‎~21‏Birth of daughter:Suzanne DuvallUnited States17881794Age ‎~27‏Birth of daughter:Esther DuvallUSA17941796Age ‎~29‏Birth of daughter:Hester C. DuvallUSA17961800Age ‎~33‏Birth of daughter:Rebecca DuvallNew York State, USACirca 18001802Age ‎~35‏Birth of son:Joseph DuvallOnsbruck Township, Stormont, Ontario18021805Age ‎~38‏Birth of son:James Henry DuvallOnsbruck Township, Stormont, Ontario18051809Age ‎~42‏Birth of son:Charles M. DuvallOnsbruck Township, Stormont, Ontario18091811Age ‎~44‏Birth of son:Jacob DuvallOnsbruck Township, Stormont, Ontario18111812Age ‎~45‏Death of wife:Polly – Mary A. Duvall (born Cook)Onsbruck Township, Stormont, Ontario18121812Age ‎~45‏Birth of son:David Charles DuvallOnsbruck Township, Stormont, OntarioJuly 8 18121826Age ‎~59‏Marriage of son:Joseph DuvallSpouse: Ellen (Eleanor) Duvall (born Becksteod)Dundas, Ontario, CanadaCirca 18261826Age ‎~59‏Marriage of son:Joseph DuvallSpouse: Ellen (Eleanor) Duvall (born Becksteod)Dundas, Ontario, CanadaCirca 18261828Marriage of son:Joseph DuvallSpouse: Ellen (Eleanor) Duvall (born Becksteod)Before 18281838Age ‎~71‏Marriage of son:David Charles DuvallSpouse: Nancy B. Duvall (born Irwin)Stormont, Ontario, CanadaMay 28 1838
        Have you been through the Drouin Files? They would be extremely helpful for you. And Have you seen this:
        AND you might find this very helpful too:

        Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 17:05:45 +0000

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        • I don’t recognize any of your Duval names. I haven’t got myself back to France yet. I use the Drouin files all of the time! They are great. I do prefer the images on familysearch though. They are much better copies – easier to read but harder to go through because they aren’t indexed and are grouped in much bigger sections of years. Thanks for the other links. I will check those out!


        • Hi Cathy! I believe we are derived from the same Duvall line. Can you email me at to chat further?

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        • Hi Sue, sorry I am so slow to approve your comment. I’ve been buried in life lately. Hopefully Cathy will see it now. 🙂


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