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Photograph Showcase: Just the Beginning


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Naomi Skeen, Rulon Powell Peterson, and young son Ronald Skeen Peterson, about 1928

My great-grandparents, Rulon Powell Peterson and Naomi Skeen, married on the 29th of October 1924.  Sixteen months later, my Grandpa was born on Valentine’s Day in 1926.

He enjoyed nearly three years as the only child until his sister Janice was born on the 29th of December in 1928.  Eventually, he would have five younger siblings.

But not yet.  First, he was the only child of his wonderful parents.  It was just the beginning of their family.  The beginning of my Grandpa’s journey through life.  The beginning of a life that would become meaningful to so, so many, especially to his posterity of 53 (soon to be 54).

But on the day this photo was taken, my Grandpa was just a darling little boy wearing a very white romper standing next to his parents.  I wonder if on this day anyone knew just how amazing this little boy would become?




ps – Isn’t this photo fantastic?  I love Naomi’s clothing, all of the details – so pretty!  I even love how damaged the photo is.  Normally I clean photos up quite a bit.  But not this one.  ❤️



18 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Just the Beginning”

  1. So sweet, and such a sweet post! I am starting to be very envious. Yesterday Luanne posted a photo of her grandfather as a young boy, and today you have done the same. How I wish I had one photograph of my mother’s parents as young children! I have one of my grandfather as a teenager, but not one of my grandmother before she was married with children. You are so lucky!

    1. Thank you, Amy. I feel so very blessed. But I do also feel a huge weight of responsibility to get things scanned, shared, and properly preserved.

      I’m so sorry that your own photographic heritage is limited. There are portions of my tree for which there are no photos, but even some of those I have found a few photos from distant relatives that I never expected to see. For you though, with a grandparent, it is hard to imagine coming across a photo if you don’t already have it. If there are any in existence, I very much hope they will make their way to you. <3

      1. Thank you, Amberly. I’ve also been lucky to find a number of photos of ancestors from newly found cousins, including one of my great-grandfather—my maternal grandfather’s father—something I never thought I’d see. But boy, I sure wish there was one of my other maternal great-grandfather. Overall, I can’t complain.

  2. Such a great photo. I am also so moved by photos of my ancestors as children, before all the possibilities of their lives began to solidify. And yes, love that hat!

  3. What a fantastic photo. I would love to have more ancestral photos. I only have one of my dad when he was little, one of his mother (who died at 24 in 1912), and none of his dad. I love these old photographs and the styles! 😍

  4. Absolutely adorable! What a wonderful treasure. And, yes, I agree about the dress and accessories! So pretty, and such a good representation of the period!

  5. You’re right – that is a great photo! And how fortunate to have such a treasure – not all family historians are so lucky. Happy blogging!

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