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Quick Disney Break – AWESOME Genealogy Day – Miracle Update


A few weeks ago my hubby was checking Disneyland prices and noticed a big price drop for last week.  We decided to move up our tentatively planned February Disney trip to last week.  It was fantastic!  I’m so glad we fit it in this year.  Our youngest is at the perfect age – he can ride everything and he LOVES the magic of Disneyland.

Hastily moving a trip to the same week as the big Family History Fair in my town meant I had to go into serious prep mode for both the trip and the Fair.  It all worked out wonderfully.  The Fair was this past Saturday (we got home late Thursday).

I had been a little bit nervous to be teaching four different classes all on the same day but it went great!  We had a fabulous turnout, especially considering the major snowstorm the night before.  I learned I can teach four different classes on the same day without losing my voice, mind, or ability to make sense.  Phew!

But the BEST part of the Fair was having a minute to talk to my sweet friend and catch up on her recent discoveries.  She is my elderly friend whose own father was her brick wall.  She had only one picture of him.  ONE!  And did not know for sure who his parents were.  Using her DNA results, we were able to identify those grandparents and come up with a hypothesis for which of their children is her father – he changed his name.  It turns out we were correct!  It also turns out that her father was married before he married her mother.  My friend has FOUR previously unknown half-siblings.  They are much older and have all passed away.  But there are two living children of those half-siblings.  They have connected and will meet for the first time THIS WEEK!  Photos have been shared and relationships have begun.

Using DNA with your research = MIRACLES.

Give it a try!



I have lots of catching up to do but had to share the fantastic news.  xoxo


7 thoughts on “Quick Disney Break – AWESOME Genealogy Day – Miracle Update”

  1. What an action packed week! Have you been to Disneyland before? I’ve been to Disneyworld in FL a few times—lots of fun when our daughters were young. And I can’t imagine teaching four classes in one day. I used to teach two law classes a day before I retired, and it was exhausting. And doing that one presentation back in November also was exhausting (and exhilarating). So happy for your friend and her (your) discoveries.

    1. Thank you, Amy. It really was a week just packed full of good stuff! We have been to Disneyland before. My older two (and my husband and I) have also been to Disneyworld once before our youngest came along. We also went two years ago but just really wanted to take our little one again while he was at this age.

      I was surprised by how smoothly the Fair went for me. I suppose the previous craze of Disneyland may have made Saturday feel easy. Haha! And exhausting and exhilarating are exactly the right words! 😉

  2. Great minds, eh. Action-packed was exactly what popped into my head. I’m so glad you a) had fun and b) that your BIG day of teaching went so well. Great detective work for your friend too. You rock! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Su! It really was a great week. And thank you, helping my friend has been so rewarding. I wish I could bottle that feeling and pass it on to others. Her joy is downright infectious though so I guess I just need to introduce her around. 😉

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