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Photograph Showcase: Smiling Deane

DUVAL, Deane Alice, 1941 - edited, smaller
Deane Alice Duval, 1941


What a lovely photo of my Grandma!  It was taken sometime during 1941.  In June of 1941, Grandma turned nine.

It’s almost time for my kiddos to go back to school.  So that has me wondering if this photo was taken near back to school time for my Grandma?  She looks awfully smart in that jacket and skirt.

I love her happy smile!

The blurred areas in the photo on the bottom left up to about her shoe and the bottom right edge up to about the height of her knee are puzzling to me.  I wonder if this was a practice photo . . . ?  My great-grandparents’ photography skills certainly improved with time!



Happy Thursday, I hope you find and share a precious family photo today!!  Or if not today, very soon.  😉  xoxo