Photograph Showcase: Susan’s Eyes


Susan Kaziah Davis

Susan Kaziah Davis

This is my 2nd great grandmother Susan Kaziah Davis.  Like most of the older photos from my grandma’s boxes, there is no date on this photo.

I am taken with this photo.  Susan clearly spent some time to look her best.  Look at those individual little curls on her forehead and the beautiful state of her dress.  But the thing that stands out to me the most is the crisp, clear focus of her eyes.  This is an early photo but this photographer was good.

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8 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Susan’s Eyes

  1. Lovely! Too bad people didn’t smile for photographs back then. Everyone always looks so stern!

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  2. Another great old photo – interesting hairdo!

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  3. Her eyes are indeed sharply in focus, Amberly. You are very fortunate, especially with this type of photograph.

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  4. And the details on her dress!

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