My Grandma’s Boxes



Shortly before Christmas I asked my Uncle if I could look for a few photos in my Grandma’s boxes.  He paused for a second and then asked if I wanted to have them.

Ummmmm, YES!

I was so excited.  The next weekend we brought the boxes home.  They had just what I was looking for and SO. MUCH. MORE.

A lot of photos, letters, old albums, and artifacts.  Things I had no idea my Grandma had.

So, my list of genealogy projects got a lot longer.

But believe me, that is not a complaint.

Thank you Grandma for saving so many treasures.

Author: thegenealogygirl

I'm a girl who loves genealogy. Let me tell you about it.

7 thoughts on “My Grandma’s Boxes

  1. Congrats on the new treasures!

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