Photograph Showcase: In Uniform


Alice Hyde DuvalAlice Hyde Duval

Vera Duval, about 1930Vera Duval

Leon & Frank Duval, "cadets", Lynn ValleyLeon & Frank Duval

A few weeks ago, Su Leslie over at Shaking the Tree, posted a photo of Isabella in uniform.  I commented that I had similar photos of my 2nd great grandmother, Alice, and her daughter, Vera, and that I would check the backs of the photos to see if there was more information.  Well… it appears I had mixed up a few images in my mind.

The photos I have of Alice & Vera are clearly not women in military uniform but rather flight gear.  Leon & Frank, two of Alice’s sons, however are in some sort of uniform.  I suppose since it’s all the same family that explains my lapse in memory.

The photos of Alice & Vera were probably taken sometime in the mid 20s to 1930.  My great grandfather Frank owned a small private plane at this time and that might explain why they had photos taken in these outfits.

The photo of Leon & Frank has the following written on the back: Leon & Frank, “Cadets”, Lynn Valley.  There is no date, I would guess the photo was taken around 1910.  Lynn Valley is in British Columbia, Canada.  I am curious about what type of “Cadets” they were.  Their father worked for the Forest Service, I wonder if there is some sort of connection?

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4 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: In Uniform

  1. These are wonderful photos! You’re right that the flying clothes don’t look overtly military; but definitely reminiscent of pictures I’ve seen of Amelia Earhart (especially this one . Perhaps it was a kind of homage to the “lady fliers”. The boys uniforms definitely look military. I have photos of a great uncle similarly dressed in studio portraits, but he was younger and I think more likely to be being “dressed up for the photo. Your boys were much more likely to have belonged to a cadet group. It’s interesting they are wearing different hats. I don’t know anything about Canadian military uniforms, but I recognise the “lemon squeezer” on the older boy. NZ troops wore them in WWI. Mind you, it also looks like a Mountie’s hat so perhaps that doesn’t help. Good luck finding out! And thank you for the pingback!


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