Photograph Showcase: Grandpa at 18


PETERSON, Ronald Skeen, 18 years old - smaller for FT

Ronald Skeen Peterson, age 18

I found this lovely photo of my Grandpa in my Grandma’s boxes.  I wonder if this was his graduation picture?  The year was 1944, his senior year of High School.  It would only be a few more months before he would enlist in the Marine Corps.  I wonder if he was already thinking about that when this picture was taken?

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13 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Grandpa at 18

  1. It does look like a senior photo. Young men looked so much more mature back then—hard to believe he’s only 18, given how teenage boys dress these days! (I know I sound like an old fogey!!)

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  2. Hehe. I was thinking exactly the same thing as Amy. Although I’m pretty happy not to have to iron shirts and pick up suits from the dry cleaners for my son!

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  3. He’s very handsome. Definitely senior pic!

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  4. It looks like a senior photo to me, too. I bet that you are right that he was thinking about the war and possibly enlisting. The students in the Class of ’44 graduated at a tough time. They had to grow up fast.

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