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Photograph Showcase: Family Portrait

Frank, Deane, & Frank Duval, August 1949
Frank, Deane, & Frank Duval, August 1949

This lovely family portrait was taken by Estelle, the wife and mother.  She was also the talent behind the hand coloring.  The eyes are hand colored, but they are pretty close to accurate.  All four Duvals were blessed with bright blue eyes.

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  1. I love the delicate tints of hand colored photos. She did an absolutely wonderful job of hand coloring the picture. She selected an intriguing dress for the picture. Did she have a sense of humor?

    1. Thank you Sheryl. My great grandma died when I was 14 months old so I’m not sure about her sense of humor and no one describes her as being that way. My grandma, who is wearing the dress, may have had a good sense of humor back then. Photos seem to indicate it but I don’t know that I would describe her that way now.

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