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Photograph Showcase: Missionary

Ronald Peterson, missionary photo
My Grandpa, the missionary

I have had an old scan of this photo for many years.  It wasn’t labeled, but I suspected it was a photo taken around the time of my Grandpa’s service as an LDS missionary.

While going though my Grandma’s boxes I found an original.  It lists his age on the back as 22 – right during his service as a missionary.  In this copy the photographer’s stamp is visible.  Notice under the photographer’s name it is stamped “Auckland”.  So I also now know that this photo was taken in New Zealand.

It’s a great photo I have loved for a long time, and now I know more about it.  Thank you Grandma for taking such good care of our family treasures!  Blowing a kiss toward heaven right now.

ps- Isn’t my Grandpa handsome?

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