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Photograph Showcase: Trusting Parents

ronald and janice - smaller for FT
Ronald Skeen Peterson holding his sister Janice Peterson

My Grandpa was the oldest child.  Here he is with his sister Janice sometime during the year 1929.  Janice lived to be 87 so I know it all worked out just fine, but doesn’t it look like one good wiggle would send her flying right off of big brother’s lap?!

I love that my Grandpa is wearing striped socks.  I often put my youngest in striped socks.  That detail makes me smile.  I also love Janice’s little bonnet even though it looks terribly uncomfortable.  😉


5 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Trusting Parents”

  1. Yes, that does look a bit precarious! But there was no “helicopter parenting” back then. Somehow kids just survived—no child seats or seat belts, no bike helmets, much less supervision (we biked everywhere and played in the streets), all kinds of dangerous toys and games. Of course, I am now a nervous and overprotective parent and grandparent! I suppose things are better today—maybe!

  2. They’re so sweet, especially that little bonnet she’s wearing. 🙂
    What is underneath? If roses, a fall would have been prickly, if something softer then she’d probably not have come to much harm apart from the bruised ego that even tiny children have.

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