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Photograph Showcase: My Grandparents

Ronald and Margaret Peterson

During church on Easter Sunday one of the speakers challenged us to post a photo of a loved one who had died on Facebook and share our testimony of Jesus Christ and his resurrection with the hashtag Hallelujah.  I decided to do just that.  I found this lovely photo of my grandparents in the many boxes kept by my grandmother.  I had scanned it previously but it was damaged.  I spent a few minutes last Sunday editing and then posted it to Facebook with this message:

The Good News of Easter Sunday is that the tomb was empty. He is Risen. He lives. And because Jesus Christ was resurrected, everyone who has ever lived or will ever live, will be resurrected. Death is not permanent. I will see my beloved grandparents again. ‪#‎Hallelujah‬ #‎BecauseHeLives‬

All week long I have been looking at this photo remembering my grandparents.  Remembering is good.


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