photograph showcase

Photograph Showcase: Grandma Deane

DUVAL, Deane, mid90s
Deane Alice Duval, likely taken in the mid-1990s.


Today is the second anniversary of my Grandma’s death.

I miss hearing her voice over the phone.

This last year I have built a portion of her tree that she started working on 35 years before her death.  Once that brick wall tumbled and got me into France, I was off!

Even though she is gone, somehow, I feel closer to her than ever.  I feel her with me as I work on finding the precious ancestors we share.  Every single person I add to our tree feels like a team victory for the two of us.

In honor of my Grandma today, I share this photo taken during her later years.  This is the face I picture when I think of my Grandma.