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Photograph Showcase: My Favorite Veteran

PETERSON, Ronald Skeen in Marine uniform on leave in Utah
Ronald Skeen Peterson in his Marine Corps uniform, at home in Utah on leave.  Summer 1944 or 1945.


Monday was Veteran’s Day here in the United States.  My Grandpa is definitely my favorite veteran.

Ronald Skeen Peterson served in the Marine Corps during World War II.  He graduated from high school in 1944.  He knew he would be drafted so he enlisted right after graduation.  Before he could be sent overseas, he became part of the Officer Candidates School.  The war ended before his training did so he never left the US.  He did, however, get a few years of college completed at Colorado College where he played football.  It certainly wasn’t the war experience of most WWII Veterans, but I am so proud that he “took the bull by the horns,” as his cattle-ranching family would say, and enlisted.

This photo was taken when he was home in Utah on leave.  I don’t know how many times he was able to come home but I know that one time he had a 48-hour leave and spent all but a few of those hours hitchhiking both directions.  He saw my Grandma, saw his family, and then had to head right back to Colorado.

When I cleaned this photo up in Photoshop, I noticed a detail that had previously slipped by me.  Grandpa is wearing the gold ID bracelet that my Grandma gave him.  You can see it on his right wrist.  I have that bracelet now and treasure it.

Grandpa wore this bracelet throughout his time in the Marine Corps.  After his death in 1997, my Grandma found the bracelet in a drawer.  The clasp was broken.  She had it repaired and wore it for the rest of her life.  It was one of the few treasures I asked for when she passed.  I am grateful to be the current steward of this family treasure.  I wear it occasionally, but not often — I’m trying not to wear it out.  Whenever I do wear it, I can’t help but stroke their names.  I love the tangible connection this bracelet gives me to their story, their love.



Happy Thursday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  Scan a photo or two and share them with your loved ones.  xoxo