He’s Home!!


There really is nothing like hugging your child for the first time after two whole years apart.  I can’t even put it into words.  But I’ll say this – it feels AMAZING!!

I’m so happy to have my boy home.  For now.  He’s twenty so it won’t last for too long.  But for now, he’s home.  <3

He’s keeping me plenty busy too.  New retainers, new bank account, writing a resume, enrolling in dental assisting school, shopping for clothes, and on, and on.  He has two job offers and a likely home to share with roommates.  He’ll start college in January.  Time doesn’t stand still, does it?

My wonderful friend Ashlee took photos at the airport and somehow she managed to capture our emotions so well.  I love these photos!  And because joy is still oozing out of every bit of my heart, I am sharing them with all of you.

Two years ago, our oldest son left to serve a mission for our church.  Despite my best efforts, he left as a boy in almost every way.  That same son returned, but he is so grown up, a man now in almost every way.  I’m so grateful for all that he learned.  He grew in ways I never anticipated.  Every bit of that time apart was worth it.


You can learn more about what missionaries do here:



Happy Monday, I hope you make an awesome genealogy discovery very soon!!  xoxo



ps – I have been getting so much genealogy done this summer.  I have lots to share this fall – I can’t wait!  Now that my little one is in school all day and my big one is starting work, I’m going to have some time on my hands.  🙂