Photograph Showcase: A Fall Photo


Heber and Hattie Huband October 1924 taken at Blanches home in Ogden

These are my 2nd great grandparents – Heber Albert Huband and Hattie Margaret Cheney.  Heber was born in England in 1860 and arrived in Utah in 1869 and Hattie was born in Paris, Idaho.  They were married in Logan, Utah and then lived in Idaho, California, and then finally settled in Ogden, Utah where they lived out the remainder of their lives.

Heber and Hattie are my grandmother’s maternal grandparents.  This photo was among her things.  She did not label it but I found a copy that her sister had and that copy was labeled: “October 1924, taken at Blanche’s home in Ogden.”  Blanche is my grandmother’s mother.


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4 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: A Fall Photo

  1. Great photograph!!

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  2. Great photo – such strong, characterful faces.

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