Photograph Showcase: Fancy Chaps


Deane & Frankie - 1941

Deane & Frankie – 1941

If you have been paying attention to my blogging habits, you’ve probably noticed that I post once every day at the same time.  Except for yesterday.  I accidentally scheduled two posts for the same day.  One of them was intended for today.  Oops.  Since I inadvertently threw off my schedule it’s bonus photo Wednesday.

This darling photo is of my grandma and her brother.  The horse was very cooperative don’t you think?  They had a lot of adventure during their childhood.

Author: thegenealogygirl

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6 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Fancy Chaps

  1. I think we all had our pictures taken in our front yards on the same horse!!!!! I remember the photographer coming round and everyone in the neighborhood got their picture taken on the horse. I must look for that picture!


    • That is awesome! I wonder if that is where this photo came from? My great grandparents were photographers so it’s a stretch to imagine that they would have posed for a traveling photographer but maybe they did!


  2. I’ve got a photo of me on a little pinto pony with similar fuzzy chaps and a cheesy cowboy hat that was taken in front of our home by a traveling photographer. He and the pony walked the streets, stopping at houses and asking if the people would like a photo of their children on the pony. I’m sure many said yes just to shut the kids up. I’m glad I’ve got mine tho, it’s a favorite.


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