Photograph Showcase: Grandpa at 16


PETERSON, Ronald Skeen, 16 years - smaller for FT

Ronald Skeen Peterson, 16 years old

Wasn’t my Grandpa a handsome young man?  He looks so young and yet I know his face.  I know how it will change and age.  I also see my dad and his brothers in his face.

He was such a good man.  I can see that too, even in his young 16 year old eyes.  What a treasure to find this picture recently.


Author: thegenealogygirl

I'm a girl who loves genealogy. Let me tell you about it.

8 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Grandpa at 16

  1. What a cutie! It would be interesting to see a photo of him as an older man to see how he aged over time.

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  2. He looks very mature for 16! The suit will always make boys look older!

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  3. A very handsome man. He didn’t change much over the years (looking at photos in other posts).

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