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Awaiting the DNA results

I have been learning about the various DNA test options for a few years now.  I finally felt confident enough to decide which tests to purchase for specific family members.  The RootsTech pricing was a great opportunity so I purchased 5 kits.

  • Ancestry kit 1 – For my Mom.  I chose this kit for two reasons – the price was $49 (regularly $99), and because her mother and brother have both previously tested with Ancestry.  This will allow me to compare their results and look for differences.
  • Ancestry kit 2 – For me.  I chose this kit for the same two reasons as I chose the kit for my Mom.
  • Ancestry kit 3 – For my friend who watched my 4 year old during the day while I was at RootsTech.  They have a juicy little mystery in their tree and they know just who to test.  🙂
  • FamilyTree DNA Y-DNA kit – For my Uncle.  His Grandpa, my great grandfather, is a brick wall.  I can’t wait for these results!  I have been trying to find a way through this wall for years.
  • FamilyTree DNA autosomal kit – For my Grandma.  She has already tested with Ancestry.  Her great grandfather was born in France and immigrated to America as a child.  He is also a brick wall.  Because more Europeans test with FT DNA, I am hoping to make some connections.  I also chose this company for her because they store the sample for 25 years.  Grandma is in her 80s, if I decide to retest her sample in the future I can (if the sample is still good).

I took my test and mailed it on Thursday of last week.  On Friday afternoon I got an email saying that my sample was received.  Wow, so fast!  Now to wait 6-8 weeks for the results.  Or longer.  They sold a lot of $49 tests at RootsTech, I’m guessing that their lab is a bit behind.

My Uncle’s test was received on March 8th.  We have another month or so to wait.  Won’t we all be surprised if he matches a different surname than we are expecting?  That is a distinct possibility.

I have mailed the other kits to my Mom and Grandma.  More waiting.  Hopefully they test and mail the samples very soon.

While I am waiting, I need to start studying the book I purchased at RootsTech that was recommended by Tom Jones.  He is basically a genius, so I followed his suggestion.


It is so exciting to begin a new genealogy journey!  I can’t wait to see what I can learn.


Happy Monday, I hope you make an awesome genealogy discovery today!


13 thoughts on “Awaiting the DNA results”

  1. Good luck! I hope the tests prove helpful to you in your research. I used FTDNA for almost all my kits, and my brother also did the Y test as well as the autosomal. I have to say that it has not been helpful except to confirm what my research found. I hope you have better luck!

    1. Me too! My great grandpa is such a brick wall that even if I can match to a location that would be REALLY helpful. Barcelona is way too vague when the name is John Costello (or maybe Juan Castilla). I’m hoping for a miracle. 🙂

  2. Have fun with the DNA! I work with and lecture about DNA and genetic genealogy now. I’m starting a DNA study group later this spring. I should blog about it more…feel free to ask me any questions!

  3. How exciting! I hope the tests break through some brick walls for you. I’ve thought about testing, but so far haven’t hit the kind of walls I think DNA testing will help with.

    1. Thank you, I hope so too! You are a lucky girl with all of those Scottish roots. The Scottish part of my tree has very few brick walls. They are mostly just end of line individuals that I haven’t finished researching yet. 🙂

      1. 🙂 I do feel quite lucky to be Scots. My ancestors kept such good records. I’m also discovering that New Zealand records are great too, so researching my son’s paternal roots is proving to be easier than I thought.

  4. Welcome to DNA madness! I admin a siblings’ AncestryDNA. So far it has only confirmed the known cousins and common ancestors. Still waiting for things to fall in place so I can open the door to my most frustrating brick wall.

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