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Photograph Showcase: Ronald & Melba

ronald and melba - smaller for FT

This darling photo was labeled simply, “Ronald & Melba”.  Ronald is my Grandpa.  His mother is Naomi Skeen.  Melba is Naomi’s sister, the sister just younger than her.  My Grandpa was the first grandchild in the Skeen family.  It would be 10 more years before Melba would marry and 22 more years before Melba would adopt her only child.  But in this moment shared between Melba, Ronald, and at least two others – the photographer and whomever Melba is smiling at – I just see a lot of joy and contentment.  I hope those feelings continued.  Waiting for children is difficult.  Especially when your sister has six of them before you are able to adopt one.

11 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Ronald & Melba”

  1. What great context you have given to this photo. I am slowly but steadily trying to add similar context to a vast collection of unlabeled photos I have inherited. That is what turns a cute but vague photo into a family treasure.

  2. Beautiful baby and a beautiful photo. Thanks for telling about Melba—it makes her obvious love for her nephew very poignant.

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