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Photograph Showcase: Mother & Daughter

DUVAL, Deane and mother Estelle Maffit, 7 May 1946
Deane Alice Duval and Hope Estelle Maffit, 7 May 1946


What a lovely photo of my Grandma with her mother!  Grandma Deane was about seven weeks shy of turning 14 when this photo was taken on 7 May 1946.  Great-grandma Duval was a month away from turning 33.

I love the detail on the collar of Great-grandma Duval’s blouse.  I’m surprised she is not wearing a pin.  She loved pins.  Grandma Deane, however, is wearing a pin which was a bit unusual for her.  I’m guessing it was her mother’s pin.  It’s one I have not seen before.

In 1946, the Duval family was living in Spokane, Washington on Walton.  That home was white, but I don’t recognize the screen door in this photo.  I wonder if this was the front door before their remodeling project that added the photo studio?  Or maybe I have forgotten what the kitchen door looked like?  I hope not . . .

I wonder where they were headed off to all dressed up?



Happy Friday, I hope you will digitize and share a family photo this weekend!!  xoxo