Photograph Showcase: Ronald & Melba

ronald and melba - smaller for FT

This darling photo was labeled simply, “Ronald & Melba”.  Ronald is my Grandpa.  His mother is Naomi Skeen.  Melba is Naomi’s sister, the sister just younger than her.  My Grandpa was the first grandchild in the Skeen family.  It would be 10 more years before Melba would marry and 22 more years before Melba would adopt her only child.  But in this moment shared between Melba, Ronald, and at least two others – the photographer and whomever Melba is smiling at – I just see a lot of joy and contentment.  I hope those feelings continued.  Waiting for children is difficult.  Especially when your sister has six of them before you are able to adopt one.


A Nurturing Time of Year


It’s that time of year.  A time for planting and as a mother of school age children, a time for transitions.  Transitions from one school experience to summer.  A saying goodbye, a moving on, a time for nurturing from the mama bird.  And if all of that weren’t enough, one of my fellas is actually preparing to leave the nest.

So I’m busy nurturing my flowers and my people.  My blogging will be sporadic until school starts back up in late August.  I’ll be around when I can.

Here are some images of my porch.  We’re mostly off to a good start.  I have two containers that aren’t very happy.  I think the snails are having a grand old time with them.  Hopefully I can get that under control.

I’ll try to remember to post photos at the end of the summer.  My porch looks AMAZING by the end of the summer.  Well, by June actually, but it just keeps getting better all summer long.

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you make a fabulous genealogy discovery today!!


Photograph Showcase: A Chain of Mothers

Emma Esther JerrainEmma Esther Jerrain

Emma is my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother.  My 2nd great grandma.  She is the last generation for which I have a photograph on this maternal line.

This photo was in an envelope with the negative.  Super cool.  Now I just need to find a local place to have a print made from the negative.  I wonder what details will improve in a new print.

The photo and envelope have VERY different dates on them.  One says about 1885, the other says about 1900.  The funny part is that the handwriting looks remarkably similar as if the same person wrote both dates but on different days.  Emma was born in 1882 and married in 1901.  Clearly this photo was taken many years after 1885.  I zoomed in on her ring finger in photoshop.  There is something there but it could be a scratch or speck or a small ring.  Either way – 1900 is much closer to accurate.

I’m so glad to have this photo of Emma in her youth.  I think the details of her dress are lovely.  She seems a bit reserved, maybe even sad.  I love her wavy hair.  Most of all I love looking into her eyes and thinking that she and I are two links in a long chain of mothers.