Ellis Album

Black Ellis Album #1, Page 17


This album page features a trio of snowy photographs taken 6 February 1916 in Ogden, Weber, Utah.

My great-grandmother, Blanche Octavia Huband, is seen first.  Then my great-grandfather, Claude Albert Ellis.  Lastly, their friend Delora Candland.


Blanche Octavia Huband, 6 February 1916, Weber, Ogden, Utah

Claude Albert Ellis, 6 February 1916, Ogden, Weber, Utah

Delora Candland, 6 February 1916, Ogden, Weber, Utah



This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.  A digital version of this photo album can be viewed on Flickr here.



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