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“We’re not Irish… so we just decorate for Easter.”

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A few weeks ago, my darling little 5 year old was playing with a friend.  They were in my piano room and I was in the next room.  I heard my kiddo say, “We’re not Irish.”

It’s true.

But, it’s a weird thing to say.  Especially when it’s completely out of the blue like it was.  I chuckled to myself and thought, “Okay, I guess he’s the son of a genealogist.”

Then he said, “So we just decorate for Easter.”


Then I got it.

He was basically explaining to his little pal, who could not have cared less, why we didn’t have any St. Patrick’s Day decorations up, but we did have Easter decorations up.  Not lots, just those little window clings.

It was only the week before that my kiddo was at a different friend’s house where there was lots of St. Patrick’s Day decor.  When we left he said we should decorate for St. Patrick’s Day and out of laziness I replied, “Well, we’re not Irish, so we just decorate for Easter.”

My words came right back to me.

But for a brief moment I thought my little 5 year old cared about his ethnicity estimates.


Maybe one day!


Happy Tuesday – I hope you make a great, or at least amusing, genealogy discovery today!


ps – Won’t it be funny if my ethnicity estimates show that I am a wee bit Irish?


22 thoughts on ““We’re not Irish… so we just decorate for Easter.””

  1. My husband, son and daughter are all part Irish. My husband 16 percent. But I still do not decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. Although I did get everyone green tshirts. 🙂

    1. I’m not a fan of decorating for anything except for Christmas. But that little one of mine wants to decorate for anything and everything. He wins some of the time. 😉

    1. It really is! My Grandpa used to say, “Little pigs have big ears.” It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I realized what he was saying. It was his code phrase to remind adults to be sensitive in your conversations not to talk about things little ones shouldn’t hear.

        1. How funny! I’m almost positive he used to say pigs. I’m the second oldest of 17 grandchildren and the youngest one is 17 years younger than I am so I heard him say it quite a lot. Of course, he was the son of a rancher so maybe the change was intentional. 😉

          1. Could be! I had to look it up because I’d forgotten the “pitcher” part until you wrote “pigs.” The similar sound reminded me that it had been pitchers, not children.

  2. That’s so funny! Here people don’t decorate for St Patrick’s Day or Easter. Some people dress in green for St Patrick’s, and bars make it a thing to get more customers, but I’ve never seen houses with decorations for either event.

        1. Thank you Su, I hope so! Although, I don’t actually decorate, I just buy something and let him put it up. It keeps him busy for a while and then he is so proud of how it looks. 😉

          1. That’s the best way. Children remember activities and processes much more than outcomes, and I’m sure he is feeling very proud of his achievements. 🙂

  3. We are very Irish, but mostly Protestant, so not so many St Patrick themes. We don’t actually decorate, but still have an egg hunt for the grandchildren.

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