Photograph Showcase: Glamour!


Estelle Maffit Duval, October 1945

Estelle Maffit Duval, October 1945

My great grandmother Estelle is looking awfully glamorous in this shot.  She didn’t like to have her photo taken and since she was a photographer, the number of photos of her is small compared to the rest of her family.  It makes me wonder what inspired this photo shoot.

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10 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Glamour!

  1. She doesn’t look too happy about it though!


  2. She has a rather classic beauty about her!


  3. Boy, do I wonder what she’s thinking here!


  4. Was this for a special occasion like a yearbook or newspaper announcement? Did your great grandmother prefer to be behind the camera capturing life’s moments? There’s a whole story here! I’d think she had other things she wanted do very much and taking this was not one thing she wanted to do.

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