Photograph Showcase: Mother Daughter Moment



img005 - december 1959 - edited - for FT

My Mom & her Mom, Deane Alice Duval, December 1959

Last week I was able to spend some time with my parents and other family members.  My mom had a minor out-patient surgery and I went to help.  While she was napping post-surgery, I set up the scanner we bought her for Christmas.  She currently has her younger brother’s baby book/photo album and that was at the top of her list to scan so that it can be returned.  His baby book is in excellent shape!  So are the photos.  As the steward of thousands of family photos, I was surprised to see so many I had never seen before.  Including this precious shot.

What a happy discovery!  Isn’t it a beautiful photograph?  It definitely needs to be printed, framed, and displayed somewhere in my home.


Happy Thursday, I hope you make a wonderful photo discovery this week!  If not, I hope you choose to digitize and share with your loved ones a photo that is special to you.



ps – If you are new around here and are shocked by the fact that I have thousands of old family photos – my great grandparents were photographers.  😉


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13 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Mother Daughter Moment

  1. Oh! Now I understand why you are so lucky! Photographers as grandparents would make all the difference. Congrats!

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  2. Such a sweet photo! Do you have one of them together like that as adults? It would be fun to compare.

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  3. Wonderful photo; and definitely worth framing. Your mum looks so happy. 🙂

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  4. That is a precious photograph.

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  5. The photo is wonderful. You are so fortunate to have a photo like this of you and your mother.

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  6. The resemblance is so strong!

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