Grandpa Costello’s 1932 Buick

V, Barbara, Amberly
Auntie V, Aunt Barbara, and Amberly at Barbara’s home in Spokane, Washington.  13 March 2018


Last week I was able to spend some time with my GrandAunt Barbara and my Auntie V at Barbara’s home in Spokane, Washington.  We had a good time together.  Aunt Barbara shared lots of stories, photos, and other family heirlooms with us.  I have so much to preserve from that visit.  It’s exciting!  One of my favorite finds was a grouping of photographs and stories about Grandpa Costello’s car.


COSTELLO, John & Mary by his car
John & Mary Costello standing next to Grandpa’s 1932 Buick


Grandpa Costello bought a 1932 Buick right off the showroom floor.  Apparently, Grandma Costello wasn’t too happy about that.  Grandpa babied that car – a deluxe model complete with flower holders in the back seat – he would park it in the garage that had a dirt floor, but every time he took it out he would dust the entire car.


COSTELLO, kids in John's car, 1932
Costello children in their father’s car – Dan, Vince, and Virginia


When Aunt Barbara was dating Uncle Dan, Grandpa Costello still had that car.  So Barbara rode it in.  When Grandpa Costello could no longer drive, the car was sold to some friends of Aunt Virginia’s.  Dan was very upset by that because he really wanted that car.

Years later, Dan and Barbara flew in Dan’s plane to somewhere near Ione.*  There was a car show near the airport and in that car show, there was Grandpa’s car!  His actual car, not just the same model.


COSTELLO, Dan standing by John's car
Dan Costello standing next to his father’s car in 1974.

COSTELLO, John's car in a car show in Bonner's Ferry, 1974


Each time I visit my relatives from an older generation I learn new details about my ancestors.  Each and every trip is so worth it.  I LOVE the picture of John and Mary standing next to Grandpa’s car!!  What a treasure to add to my small “John Costello” collection.


COSTELLO, John's car pictures from Aunt Barbara


I used these photos along with the audio of this part of the interview to create a video using Animoto.  I’m toying with purchasing a plan with Animoto and created this video as part of my trial.  Have you used Animoto or a similar service or program?  Which do you prefer?  I tried using Adobe Spark but there were far too many limitations with the audio.  I have lots and lots of audio files that would work nicely in a video and definitely want flexibility in the audio files I can use.  Here is my video:




Happy Monday, I hope you make a fantastic genealogy discovery this week!



*{Ummm, can I just say that I wish I had asked about Dan’s plane and flying?  I was so distracted by the car stories that I missed that tid-bit…}

14 thoughts on “Grandpa Costello’s 1932 Buick”

    1. Thank you, Su! I’m just glad I realized that they hold so many treasured bits and stories before they were gone. I’m sorry you didn’t have the same opportunity! One day you will be the oldest living relative and you can set things better for your family’s younger generations. ❤️

  1. Wonderful video! And like Su, I also wish I’d known some of my older relatives at all and others whom I did know—why didn’t I ask more questions when I could have? I am so lucky my parents are still alive at 87 and 91 so I can still ask them questions.

    How did Dan know it was actually his father’s car, not just the same model? So cool!

    1. You ARE lucky! I hope you have been preserving some of their memories. What a treasure to have them both still alive and able to communicate with you. ❤️

      Aunt Barbara just said that he really knew that car. But when I googled ‘1932 Buick’, his car is very different on the outside from the standard model. I’m wondering if it has to do with it being a deluxe model? Other than that possibility, I don’t know. 🙂

      1. Believe me, I do not take it for granted. They never talked about their childhoods because both had tough lives for different reasons, but since I started doing genealogy, I have learned a lot more. I might never have asked if I hadn’t gotten hooked on genealogy!

  2. Enjoyed the video, Amberly! Thanks for sharing! Love old family stories, even when it’s not my family.

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