Treasures: The Last Supper by Mary Brown Young

YOUNG, Mary Brown's Last Supper


My great-grandmother, Mary Brown Young, wife of John Costello crocheted this wall hanging of the Last Supper.

Yes, you read that correctly – she crocheted it.  And if I am remembering right, she got the pattern from the newspaper.

I did a quick search of and found several articles in Washington State that have an embroidery pattern for the Last Supper.  Then a quick Google search pulled up all sorts of hits, images, patterns, etc for the Last Supper as a crocheted wall-hanging.  Apparently, it was a thing.

This framed wall hanging is IMPRESSIVELY LARGE.  It is wider than my arm-span.  It hangs in a bedroom in my Aunt Barbara’s home.  Because it is so large and under glass, it was a perfect candidate to photograph with the Google Photoscan app.

It turned out pretty well considering its size and the fact that it is hanging so high on the wall that it almost touches the ceiling.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to line up my phone with all four circles, but it ended up being great.

You can see a wee bit of glare and artifact, but ignore that and marvel in my great-grandma’s super impressive crochet skills instead!

She could also tat.  She was a talented little lady from Scotland.  I treasure every item I have that was created by her.



Happy Monday, I hope it’s a wonderful week filled with genealogy discovery!  I have my last class today in the Certification Discussion Group led by Cari Taplin and created by Jill Morelli.  It has been awesome and definitely deserves a post of its own.  xoxo