Photograph Showcase: Frederick & Susan


These beautiful photographs are of my 2nd great grandparents Frederick William Ellis and Susan Kaziah Davis.  The photos are not labeled with dates.

Frederick and Susan were both born in England.  They each joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They met in England at a church meeting but were separated when Frederick immigrated to Utah.  Some time later, Susan and her family immigrated to Utah as well.  Both Frederick and Susan crossed the plains in wagon companies as Mormon Pioneers.  After being reunited in Utah they married in September of 1869.

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7 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Frederick & Susan

  1. What wonderful photos! Frederick has amazingly light eyes—so beautiful.

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  2. Yes, I noticed how striking Frederick’s eyes were as well–they look a lovely shade of blue. Susan’s look, well, my best attempt at a color guess would be hazel green, probably not brown. Probably no way to know tho, so long ago no one left to remember. It’s fantastic to have pics of them.

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  3. Great pictures–It’s wonderful that they were reunited in Utah.

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