Photograph Showcase: Precious in her Polka-dots


My Grandma, June 27, 1936, Great Falls Montana.

My Grandma, June 27, 1936, Great Falls Montana.

Isn’t my grandmother darling?  I love her little shoes and socks.  And that dress!  I think it is very sweet.  The collar and buttons are lovely.  But her eyes.  I would know those eyes anywhere.  Even in black and white.  I love her, I am blessed that she is still living.

Author: thegenealogygirl

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10 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Precious in her Polka-dots

  1. Isn’t it always amazing to see your grandparents or parents as children? What a great photo.

  2. Aw, what an adorable girl and outfit.

  3. She looks like she could be dancing! Is there a story behind the photo? Or is it a studio portrait?

    • She does, doesn’t she? I don’t know the story behind the photo. My great grandparents opened their own photography studio a few years later so this may have been a practice shot while my great grandmother was working through her photography correspondence course.

      • If you’ve put this photo into your Mom’s profile at Ancestry, you can also add this background info. This becomes the basis of a “story” that really brings the profile to life.

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