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Photograph Showcase: In the Army

COSTELLO, Daniel Ramon
Daniel Ramon Costello, photo taken during WWII

This wonderful photo comes from the collection of my GrandAunt Barbara.  Pictured is her husband, Uncle Dan.  What a lovely photo of a wonderful man!  I am very grateful that Aunt Barbara is so willing to share.  If I remember correctly, Uncle Dan served in the medical corps of the US Army during WWII.

I took a photo of this photo using my ShotBox.  Didn’t it turn out great?


Happy Thursday, I hope you make a fantastic genealogy photo discovery today!  If not, I hope you will choose to scan and share a photo today.  xoxo



ps – Are any of my genealogy friends US military uniform buffs?  Does his uniform match up with my memory?  I did a little google searching and couldn’t find what I was looking for in the time that I had.


23 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: In the Army”

    1. Thank you, GP! I knew you would know. I was hoping you would see this and have time to share a little insight. I know he talked about taking x-rays, and learning all about that. Would that line up with him being US Army Staff Support?

  1. It did come out great. Shotbox, huh? Yet another toy! I will check it out (though sadly I don’t have many photos or objects to photograph).

    1. Thank you, Amy! Well, I purchased the ShotBox because of an archiving project I helped a family member with. We photographed A LOT of smaller family heirlooms and I knew it would help. Because of that, I had it with me when I visited Aunt Barbara. It is fully lighted on the inside so photographs of things, documents, or even photos turn out great!

        1. Isn’t it interesting how we can be working on the same thing and have such vastly different experiences? It’s what I love most about genealogy – there is constantly something new to learn and solve. It never gets boring or monotonous (well, almost never…). Talking with other genealogists is always such a treat – we have such different skills based on our own families. We are so lucky.

          1. I agree—and every blog is different also. I am never bored; the only part I don’t like is adding all those citations! I do find that part boring. But the research is always challenging and interesting, and what I find always surprises me. We ARE lucky—you’re right!

              1. Yeah, I guess. Sometimes I do think—who is ever going to use these? But the lawyer/historian in me knows they are important somehow.

                1. Well, I have needed to use some of my own citations when I’ve circled back to someone. When I did a good job, I’m always grateful. When I did not, I always wish I had done better. 😉

                2. That’s true—though I have most of the citations on my Ancestry tree and on Family Tree Maker so I personally don’t need to rely on the blog to keep track of most of them.

                3. Oh, me too. But once they are in order in my Ancestry tree, then they are ready for my blog post. I just finished up a post for Monday and the citations made me crazy. I don’t think I got them quite right, but they’ll do the job this time. Haha, too tired… 😉

                4. I know mine aren’t conforming to the Evidence Explained standard. I don’t care—I figure I give enough information to help others find the source, and that’s all that matters. I spent too many years following the rules for legal citation. Time for me to be a rebel!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Especially when I look at my two oldest boys. They are just babies. Legally, one is not, and the other is so close. I can’t imagine what Mothers experienced during this time in particular.

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