Photograph Showcase: In the Army


COSTELLO, Daniel Ramon

Daniel Ramon Costello, photo taken during WWII

This wonderful photo comes from the collection of my GrandAunt Barbara.  Pictured is her husband, Uncle Dan.  What a lovely photo of a wonderful man!  I am very grateful that Aunt Barbara is so willing to share.  If I remember correctly, Uncle Dan served in the medical corps of the US Army during WWII.

I took a photo of this photo using my ShotBox.  Didn’t it turn out great?


Happy Thursday, I hope you make a fantastic genealogy photo discovery today!  If not, I hope you will choose to scan and share a photo today.  xoxo



ps – Are any of my genealogy friends US military uniform buffs?  Does his uniform match up with my memory?  I did a little google searching and couldn’t find what I was looking for in the time that I had.


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23 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: In the Army

  1. The star patch indicates, US Army Staff Support.

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  2. It did come out great. Shotbox, huh? Yet another toy! I will check it out (though sadly I don’t have many photos or objects to photograph).

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    • Thank you, Amy! Well, I purchased the ShotBox because of an archiving project I helped a family member with. We photographed A LOT of smaller family heirlooms and I knew it would help. Because of that, I had it with me when I visited Aunt Barbara. It is fully lighted on the inside so photographs of things, documents, or even photos turn out great!

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      • Seems a great tool. I just wish I had more to photograph!

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        • Isn’t it interesting how we can be working on the same thing and have such vastly different experiences? It’s what I love most about genealogy – there is constantly something new to learn and solve. It never gets boring or monotonous (well, almost never…). Talking with other genealogists is always such a treat – we have such different skills based on our own families. We are so lucky.

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        • I agree—and every blog is different also. I am never bored; the only part I don’t like is adding all those citations! I do find that part boring. But the research is always challenging and interesting, and what I find always surprises me. We ARE lucky—you’re right!

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        • Haha, I agree that citations are boring! But so helpful. 🙂

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        • Yeah, I guess. Sometimes I do think—who is ever going to use these? But the lawyer/historian in me knows they are important somehow.

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        • Well, I have needed to use some of my own citations when I’ve circled back to someone. When I did a good job, I’m always grateful. When I did not, I always wish I had done better. 😉

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        • That’s true—though I have most of the citations on my Ancestry tree and on Family Tree Maker so I personally don’t need to rely on the blog to keep track of most of them.

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        • Oh, me too. But once they are in order in my Ancestry tree, then they are ready for my blog post. I just finished up a post for Monday and the citations made me crazy. I don’t think I got them quite right, but they’ll do the job this time. Haha, too tired… 😉

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        • I know mine aren’t conforming to the Evidence Explained standard. I don’t care—I figure I give enough information to help others find the source, and that’s all that matters. I spent too many years following the rules for legal citation. Time for me to be a rebel!

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        • Haha! So true, if others can get back to the original, that’s all that matters. 🙂

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    • Oh, I should mention, I would always prefer to scan on a high quality flatbed scanner, but I didn’t have that option with this photo. 🙂

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  3. He looks too young to be in uniform but I guess they all did.

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  4. Yes, it turned out great. Look at that SMILE!

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