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Photograph Showcase: James & Catherine Young

YOUNG, James at far right and wife Catherine is third from right
James Young at far right, Catherine Brown is third from right.


James Young and Catherine Brown are my 2nd great-grandparents.  They were both born in Scotland.  They immigrated to America, James in 1908, and Catherine and the children in 1910.

This photo is unlabeled.  The other individuals are not familiar to me or my cousin Gregg who is James and Catherine’s grandson.  Gregg’s guess is that is was taken during the war years.  That is very likely given the man in uniform and the apparent age of James and Catherine.  They both died in 1945, James in January and Catherine in July.  He was sixty-eight at the time of his death and she was seventy at the time of her death.

I am fascinated by the heights of everyone in this photo.  I have two records for Catherine that list her height.  One says she was 5′ 4″ and the other says that she was 5′ 5″.  That seems unlikely given how much shorter she is than everyone in this photo.  😉  What do you think?

A while back I mentioned that my cousin Gregg mailed me a box of unidentified photos, letters, and a few other items.  There were also a few identified photos including this one.  I recently finished scanning everything.  There are exactly 62 items from the box.  So far, I have identified and shared three items.  Three down, fifty-nine to go!



Happy Thursday!  I hope you will scan, share, and label a treasured photo today.  xoxo