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Photograph Showcase: My Grandpa the Football Player

Ronald Peterson, age 19, Colorado College


My Grandpa, Ronald Skeen Peterson, graduated from High School in 1944.  WWII was raging.  He knew he would be drafted, most likely into the Army.  Instead of waiting for the inevitable, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and left home in June of 1944.

Because of a challenge from another young Marine, my Grandpa took the test required to enter Office Candidates School just to prove he could pass.  He passed and was selected to participate in OCS.  That training was lengthy and while it wasn’t the reason my Grandpa participated, it kept him in the United States until the war ended.  He never saw combat.

During OCS, Grandpa attended Colorado College where he played football.  This beautiful photo of my Grandpa during that time is very familiar to me.  It is one of the first photos in my Dad’s Book of Remembrance.  His mother created that book for him.  This photo in his book is a copy.  The quality isn’t the best, but easy to overlook since the photo is so cool.

Recently, I was completely delighted when I came across a much nicer copy of this photo.  A 4×6 that is not the original, but a high-quality copy printed as a photograph instead of a photocopy.  Isn’t it such a cool photo?!

I love finding bits of my Grandpa’s story in the boxes of treasures my Grandma saved.



Happy Friday, I hope you will scan and share a treasured photo today!!  xoxo