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Photograph Showcase: Frederick & Susan Ellis

Frederick William Ellis and Susan Kaziah Davis, in the snow

I think this is the last photo I have of Frederick and Susan together before her death.

Frederick William Ellis and Susan Kaziah Davis are my 2nd great grandparents.  Susan died in 1930, Frederick died in 1933.

Do you see the cute photo-bomber in the background?  I wish I knew who that was!

8 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Frederick & Susan Ellis”

  1. Yes, my eyes were immediately drawn to the little person behind Frederick, standing on a brick wall? And is that snow on the bushes behind them? There are no leaves on the bushes and vertical bushes (trees?) further back, so appears to be winter? Yet your grandparents aren’t dressed for winter? Evidently they’re under an overhang with that elaborate post decoration? Telephone or electric wires in the background? Such a lovely collar on her dress, but what is the necklace? So many questions!

    1. Oh yes, that’s a whole lot of snow. Apparently we Utah folks have never been ones for wearing enough winter gear if we don’t have to. My boys rarely wear proper coats, just hoodies. Everyone around here is like that. ? I am also curious about the necklace.

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