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Photograph Showcase: Seth & Emma’s Wedding Portrait

Emma & Seth wedding photo, 1902
Emma Esther Jerrain & Seth Maffit

Emma & Seth are my 2nd great-grandparents.  I’ve written about them a few times this year.  I shared the confusing details about the name of their oldest son.  I shared the lovely portrait of Emma with her three oldest surviving children.  Lastly, I shared the sad tale of their son Orval and his tragic death in a train accident.

I have several photos of Seth & Emma.  Actual photos that I can hold in my hand and scan and share.  This photo of their wedding day is not among them.  I have a very old color copy that was given to my grandmother that I scanned at the highest resolution reasonable and this is as good as it gets.  Normally I share the best of what I have.  But in this case, this is all that I have of their wedding.  So I share it here because this is certainly better than no photo.  But I also share it in the hopes that one day, the descendant who has the original may happen across this post and then choose to scan and share the original as a higher quality image.

Cousins!  Let’s get together and preserve and share this photo and any others that exist of Seth and Emma.  <3

Now about that date handwritten on the bottom.  Seth and Emma were married 20 January 1901 in Chicago.  That fact is not in question.  I think this photo was just likely mislabeled at some point.  I can’t imagine they took it a full year after they were wed.  Although, stranger things have happened.  😉



Happy Thursday!  I hope you make a fantastic photo discovery very soon.  If not, if you happen to have a special original photo, please scan and share with your cousins.  xoxo


16 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Seth & Emma’s Wedding Portrait”

      1. Oh yes. The necklace-y beading on her bodice is lovely, and I’d love to know what the corsage bit on her left shoulder is made of.

  1. That’s not too bad for a photocopy. One bad copy I have was done in black/white, not grayscale. It’s so horrible, and I don’t know if the original will EVER come to light. Good luck!

    1. I am definitely grateful to have it. When I started 20 years ago, I hoped I would one day track down a photo of my great-grandfather, John Costello. As far as I knew, there wasn’t one. About 5 or 6 years into my genealogy journey, I got my first glimpse of Grandpa Costello. And now! I’m up to several photos of him. I hope a photo will find it’s way to you somehow. <3

        1. You are welcome! You are putting out so much great “cousin bait” with your wonderful blog that if there is a photo out there, I think it will find it’s way to you. <3

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