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Photograph Showcase: Family Picnic

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This photograph can hold my attention for a long time.  I love the composition and detail.  The entire family is in the photo, so I imagine a tripod was used.  One of the things I love is that everyone is doing their thing, as if a photo is not being taken.  I feel like I am peering in on a private family moment very much in the past.

6 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Family Picnic”

  1. Oooh…Ahhhh. Love this photo. First thing I notice is the black dog! Know anything about it? Cuz to me it’s looks like they’re camping or moving. Could be a mattress on top of that trailer? Also more things spread about than if it were a picnic.

  2. I don’t know. I need to ask my grandma – who is the girl on the right. They moved a lot and camped and hunted a lot. Based on their clothing I am wondering if it was a move. My great-grandparents were photographers so I have photos coming out my ears which has made me fall behind on getting the stories about each one. I should call her today! 🙂

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