Photograph Showcase: Not yet a Grandma



DUVAL, Deane, July 1968 handcolored portrait

Deane Duval, July 1968

All week I have been thinking of this lovely portrait of my Grandma taken a few years before she was a Grandma.

Her parents were photographers.  Her mother handpainted this portrait with oil paints.  Wasn’t she so talented?  I love all of her handpainted portraits.

But this week, I am especially grateful for this particular portrait.

It’s such a beautiful photo of my Grandma in her prime.  A happy reminder of her life.

I scanned this a few years ago.  I need to scan it again as a .tiff file at a much higher resolution so that I and my family members can have a nice sized print made to frame.  I think I’ll be taking it with me to the Family History Center tonight.  And probably several others as well.



Do you have any special photos that need to be scanned or re-scanned?






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18 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Not yet a Grandma

  1. I can’t believe that’s hand-painted. Wow! She was so talented!

    I have so many photos that need scanned. It’s just difficult finding the time to do it all!

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  2. Lovely! So glad you have this memory. And don’t even get me started on scanning photos. I have so many photo albums from the 1970s on that need to be scanned—-not old photos, but my snapshots over the years. One of these days….

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  3. All the colors harmonize beautifully from her lipstick, hair, eyes and the pattern in her dress. It takes an artist to do it so skillfully.

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    • Thank you EmilyAnn! She really was an excellent painter. She also painted ceramics. Lots, and lots of ceramics.

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      • All these precious objects are also part of the family legacy and can be incorporated into the scrap books for future generations.

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        • Yes! And I love that there are so many ways to share them right now. Every time I work with a photo I add it to a Facebook photo album that is for family only. I also add it to FamilySearch, my Ancestry tree, Flickr (as the full resolution scan), and a photo printing lab I like. That way, once a photo is scanned I have several back-ups, but my family can enjoy it right away, and I can print it anytime now or in the future without having to dig out the photo.

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  4. “Do you have any special photos that need to be scanned or re-scanned” I have so many to do and organize that it would be a full time job. 🙂

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  5. Amberly, what a beautiful portrait, so well painted. What a wonderful memory of your grandmother. xo

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  6. Beautiful painting! What a treasure – and thank goodness for high-speed scanners these days! Remember how long they used to take!?!

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    • Thank you Lenore! I don’t use the high speed scanner. 😉 It doesn’t do as good of a job and is hard on old photos. I don’t mind going the slow route to get a better image. But I know lots of people love the high speed scanner. We have one at our center and then two flat bed scanners, 1 slide scanner (the flat beds can do it too), and 2 high speed paper scanners. We have lots of patrons who come in just for one of the scanners.


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