Photograph Showcase: By the Car


Rulon & Naomi PetersonRulon Powell Peterson & Naomi Skeen Peterson, August 1956

I love this little snapshot.  It was taken just two years before Naomi died.  It captures their personalities – he was a very robust take-charge kind of guy and she was reserved and somewhat shy.  I wonder what the occasion for this photo was – new car?  Visit from older children?  Rulon & Naomi are my great-grandparents.


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6 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: By the Car

  1. Her dress is very sweet. The pleats under the skirt pockets are a nice detail.


  2. Awww, that’s probably what attracted them to each other–their opposite personalities.


  3. Nice photo. That car does look pretty shiny and he does look very happy – men and their cars!


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