Photograph Showcase: Dreamy Eyes


Estelle Duval - abt 1928-1Estelle Maffit, about 1928

Author: thegenealogygirl

I'm a girl who loves genealogy. Let me tell you about it.

5 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Dreamy Eyes

  1. I did a double take when I saw the date of this photo! At first glance Estelle’s hairstyle had a very 1960s look to it! Anyway, she was very pretty. I’d love to learn more about who she was.


    • Thank you EmilyAnn! Estelle is my great grandmother. She is the photographer for many of the family photos I have. She was a photographer by profession and hobby. It has made our family story so much richer.


  2. Yes, I concur. The composition and quality of the older photos in your blog that I have seen do have that professional touch. It’s very different from relatives who had a box camera and took pictures. Photography and taking pictures are two different activities.


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