Photograph Showcase: Sarah Jane Marler and her Daughters


Sarah Jane Marler and daughters

left to right: Sarah Jane Marler, ?, Mary Lake, Sarah Lake.

Sarah Jane Marler is my 4th great grandmother.  Her daughter Mary is my 3rd great grandmother.  The photo was not fully labeled.  I imagine the unidentified woman may be Sarah’s other daughter from her first marriage, Philomelia Lake.  She had many other children with her second husband so I suppose it could also be one of her daughters from that marriage.  I really wish I knew for sure.  It makes me want to go label photos right now!  Despite the missing details, it’s a lovely photo.  I’m glad to have it.

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10 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Sarah Jane Marler and her Daughters

  1. It is a great photo. I don’t even have a photo of one of my grandmas, let alone 3rd or 4th. You are blessed.


  2. Sarah Jane is my 3rd great-grandmother and I believe this is a four generation picture, not a picture of her three daughters.


  3. My grandmother, Mary Jane Taylor Owen, is the person standing on the right. She looks so young to me! But it is her! She was the oldest daughter of Mary Lake & Joseph Allen Taylor. I have several pictures of Sarah Jane Marler & I am not sure she is in this picture. I have some ideas. If it is her, could this be a 4 generation picture? Is so, my Aunt Hattie (Harriet Owen Crane) would be standing on the left. Or: Is Sarah Lake Taylor (Joseph’s plural wife) also seated with her oldest daughter standing on the left?? Onward to a little research!


  4. I pray you receive my notes. I am sure this photo is of 4 generations. I hope you agree. Do you have the picture of the Joseph Allen Taylor & Mary Lake family? My grandmother is wearing the same dress there as in this photo! I believe it was taken about 1901. Standing: Harriet (Hattie) Owen Crane & her mother, Mary Jane Taylor. Seated: Sarah Jane Marler Lake Taylor & her 1st child, Mary Lake Taylor. What say you? I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

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