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Photograph Showcase: Sarah Jane Marler Four Generation Photo (edited)

Sarah Jane Marler and daughters
Original photo label – left to right: Sarah Jane Marler, ?, Mary Lake, Sarah Lake. Updated photo label – left to right: Sarah Jane Marler; her great-granddaughter Harriet Emily Owen; her daughter Mary Lake; her granddaughter Mary Jane Taylor.

Sarah Jane Marler is my 4th great grandmother.  Her daughter Mary is my 3rd great grandmother.  The photo was not fully labeled.  I imagine the unidentified woman may be Sarah’s other daughter from her first marriage, Philomelia Lake.  She had many other children with her second husband so I suppose it could also be one of her daughters from that marriage.  I really wish I knew for sure.  It makes me want to go label photos right now!  Despite the missing details, it’s a lovely photo.  I’m glad to have it.


17 July 2018 Update:

My wonderful cousin Nancy came across this old post and added some additional details about who is in the photo.  It appears the version I started from was labeled incorrectly for the woman in the upper right.  My photo called her Sarah Lake.  Using Nancy’s wonderful help and then checking the many photos on FamilySearch that have been added since I first shared this photo, I think we can safely call this a four-generation photo.

Sarah Jane Marler is on the bottom left.  Her daughter, Mary Lake, is on the bottom right.  Her daughter, Mary Jane Taylor is in the upper right.  And lastly, her daughter, Harriet Emily Owen is in the upper left.


Thank you, Nancy!