photograph showcase

Photograph Showcase: Swimming Fun


DUVAL, Deane and Frank swimming, June 1949 - edited
Far left — Deane Alice Duval, unknown females, Uncle Frank, June 1949



I love my Grandma’s expression in this photo!  She is on the far left in the dark, solid-colored suit.  Her brother appears to have caused a little trouble as he is being pursued by the woman in the center.  I can’t decide if she is about to splash him or dunk him.  I’m sure he earned it either way.

The water movement details around the woman in the center are cool.

This photo is labeled simply with, “June 1949.”  Unfortunately, I don’t recognize anyone beyond my Grandma and her brother.


DUVAL, Deane and Frank swimming, June 1949 - back



Happy Thursday!  I hope you and yours are all well and safe.  xoxo