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Photograph Showcase: James & Catherine Young

YOUNG, James and Catherine with small child

James Young & Catherine Brown are my 2nd great grandparents.  James and Catherine were both born in Scotland, as were their first 5 children.  Their youngest son was born in America after they immigrated.

This photo of James and Catherine comes from the collection of my GrandAunt Barbara, James and Catherine’s granddaughter-in-law.  This is the most recent photo I have ever seen of James and Catherine.  They both died in 1945 in Spokane, Washington.  James in January and Catherine in July.

The photograph is labeled simply “Young 2”.  I do not know who the child is.  Yet.  Once I do, hopefully I can narrow down the date of the photo.

But for now I am just happy to have this great photo of my 2nd great grandparents hanging out in these cool yard chairs.


Happy Thursday, I hope you make a new ancestor photo find today!



ps – If you are anything like me, you have probably been paying attention to the news surrounding Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  My son is currently serving a mission for our church in South Carolina.  He is safe and will likely spend the next few days, or more, helping with clean-up.  Depending on the extent of the damage in his area, he may be donning a yellow “Helping Hands” t-shirt and working with a larger crew.  You can read more about Mormon Helping Hands here.  If you know someone who has suffered damage to their home and is struggling with clean-up, they can request help from the Mormon helping Hands program – no matter what faith they belong to.  Additionally, if you have been wanting to donate to a service organization that is helping people rebuild in Texas, Florida, or elsewhere, you may wish to consider donating to the Humanitarian Fund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (those Mormon folks who are helping clean up).  100% of donated funds will go to help those in need.  All labor is donated and funds are used for supplies.  You can donate here and leave a note in the “Comments or instructions” section with Hurricane Harvey or Irma listed.  If you choose to donate, you will receive an official receipt around tax season.  Every little bit helps ease suffering and begin the long process of rebuilding.  <3

21 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: James & Catherine Young”

        1. Perhaps it is a Scottish thing then. I hadn’t really thought about it. FIL has no siblings to compare to, but MIL and her two Scottish brothers are always impeccably dressed. Their mother was the same way. Always a cashmere sweater and skirt, hair done, right up to the end. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of them in jeans or sneakers. DH’s generation, not so much. :))

          1. Maybe, but I see it in other branches of my tree too. I think it’s more linked to the time period than Scottish heritage, but that’s just based on my experience with my own family.

    1. This whole side of my family were always dressed formally. I don’t have any explanation for that, but it’s what they did. I am not very formal at all. I hope I don’t embarrass them. 😉

      1. I think times just have changed. There was a time my mother wouldn’t leave the house in pants. Now she never wears anything but!

  1. She’s so adorable, and he’s so distinguished looking! What an era. And my good wishes are with your son while he helps with the aftermath of the hurricane. Thank you for the information about Helping Hands!

    1. Thank you Luanne! And you are welcome. He will love it. He was super disappointed that he wasn’t in the eye of the storm. Silly boy, too young to realize how scary and dangerous that would be. Not to mention destructive. Oh to be so young! I started reading Kin Types and I LOVE it! <3

  2. First of all, I am so glad your son is safe. I’m sure the clean-up work he and his friends will be doing is very much appreciated. I love your photo; especially 2x great grandad in this three-piece suit. My (Scottish) grandfather was always beautifully turned out in a suit, and his elder son, my uncle David was the same. My dad says Grandad even wore his suit to the beach!!! It’s got to be a Scottish thing! 🙂

  3. Maybe the photo was taken when the they came home following church. I can remember that when I was a child we often took photos at home following church because that was the only time during the week when everyone was dressed up and looked “nice” for a photo.

    1. Maybe so, Sheryl. But this side of my family, during this time period, was always dressed up. My great grandparents were photographers so I have a very large sample size. With my family now, right after church is often the time we choose for a posed photo. But I have all boys, so usually someone is already half undressed as they walk into the house. (Okay, maybe not half, but the ties are usually off, the collar undone, and the shirt untucked.) 😉

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