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Trip Report in Brief

Amberly, Tara, Grandma, MomMe, Tara, Grandma, Mom
Tara, Grandma, Grandpa, AmberlyTara, Grandma, Grandpa, Me

My trip was great.

I have information coming out of my ears.  A fabulous problem.

I flew to Spokane on Friday.  My mom and sister Tara drove up to join me.  The highlights of our days included these moments.


  • Hanging out at Aunt Vicki’s house.
  • Lots of talking.
  • Grandma drove over and looked through MANY photos with me, identifying people, places, and events.
  • A little shopping.


  • We spent some time at Grandma’s house interviewing her.
  • Family dinner at my cousin’s house with lots of loved ones gathered together.


  • Morning interview with my mom’s dad’s brother and his wife.
  • More time interviewing Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Lots of talking with Aunt Vicki after my mom and sister hit the road.
  • Time spent wandering Vicki’s house looking at all of her family heirlooms – photographing them of course.


  • A relaxed morning getting ready to head home.
  • Lots more talking with Aunt Vicki.

I learned so much information in such a short time; my mind is overfull.  I have hours of work ahead of me processing the interviews.  I am hopeful that some of the small facts I gathered will lead me to some new discoveries.  Actually, a few already have.

Why don’t I do this more often?

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