My New Treasure

IMG_8414I am so excited about my new treasure!

“The Saga of St. Anne”

This book was written in 1976 during the Kankakee County Bicentennial Celebration.

I have a branch of my tree that lived in Kankakee County, Illinois and the surrounding areas.  Most importantly I have a 3rd great grandmother – Esther Brouillette, who is my current dead end – who most likely died in Kankakee County.

I think I know who her parents are.  Now I’m trying to prove it.  So I am rounding up all the resources I can.  I found this little gem in the familysearch catalog and decided to track it down. had one copy and I bought it.

It has some great local history and a very lengthy article on Dollie Brouillette Benjamin.  I think Dollie is Esther’s niece.

IMG_8418 IMG_8419There is also a teaching certificate for Dollie’s sister Georgya.

IMG_8420My new treasure has helped me clarify some information about a family I am researching to help prove Esther’s parents.  It has also given me some great background on Kankakee County.  I am so happy with my purchase!  So far I have skimmed and read certain sections but now it’s time to read it cover to cover and see what else I find.

Hooray for local histories!

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  1. What a discovery. I find it interesting that according to Georgya’s teaching certificate she had to do janitorial duties for her classroom. This is sure to provide many interesting tidbits you can add as stories to the profiles for each family member in the tree.

  2. I believe that is my father’s Aunt Dolly. I will ask him if he knows about an Esther.

    1. The would be fantastic if he knows anything! I believe Esther died in about 1875 or 1876. Her children were Mabel, William T, James G, George, and Seth. After her death Seth is on the census with Nelson and Maggie Brouillette listed as a nephew. Nelson and Maggie are Dollie’s parents. George was on a census with one of Nelson’s brothers listed as a nephew. I believe that Esther is one of the siblings of Nelson and that their parents are Landrie/Landry (Andrew) Brouillette and Emilie Fortin. The only problem with that theory is that I scoured the parish records in Quebec and identified all of their children – no Esther. But they have a daughter name Anastasie that I can’t trace forward who matches my Esther in age. Nelson was actually Marie Narcisse at birth. I think Esther and Anastasie are the same person. I hope your dad will know anything. Thank you Catherine!

  3. Sorry,, Just seeing your reply. I sent you an email. I will tell you that they almost all had nicknames, so that may complicate some things. I have from my Great aunt Joyce’s notes: Landrie and Emilie (Fortin) Brouillette married 14 Oct 1834 St. Cyprien, Q.P., Canada they later emigrated to St. Anne, Il. They had 10 children. Philamene, Esther, Louise Marie, Delima, Telesphore, Minerva Celina, Delphis, Jean Baptiste (John), Narcis (Nelson), Zephyrine. Narcis (Nelson) Brouillette is my great, great grandfather. Her married Margaret Sloan Goff and they had 5 children: Lorene Bell (Dollie), Ida May (Mamie), Ralph Herbert, Georgya Mabel Claire, and Jessie Jeanette Irene. Ralph Brouillette is my great grandfather and Peggy Brouillette was his daughter.For Esther I have she was born in July 1838 in St. Cyprien Parish, Q.P, Canada and married Seth Moffitt.

    1. Catherine! I am so happy to hear from you. Your notes confirm my suspicions. Anastasie (who I think was Esther) was born in July 1838 in St. Cyprien. I had no idea about Harvey. Thank you for all of this. I will email you about a few things. Hugs! <3

  4. According to my great aunt’s records…Esther and Seth Moffit had 6 children; Will Moffit (became a Doctor), George Moffit (settled in Chicago), Seth Moffit (settled in Montana), Jim Moffit (settled in Nebraska), Harvey Moffitt (settled in Kansas City), and Bell Moffit (maybe this is Mabel) married a Shorman or Sherman.

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