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Photograph Showcase: The Faithful Spectator


Grandpa on the phone

Grandpa - taken by blake

Basketball Season is in full swing at our house.  My husband is coaching teams for two of my boys.  Busy, busy.

On a related note, my Grandpa is one of my favorite people who has ever lived.  I have so much love and respect for him.  Basketball season makes me think of him.  I think of him when my bum is tired of sitting on the bleachers – especially after back to back games for both boys.  I think of him when I try to figure out how to entertain my VERY busy toddler.  I think of him when I forgo other events to sit and happily cheer for my fellas.

The reason I think of him is this.  At my grandfather’s funeral, one of the things my Uncle Blake shared is that my grandpa never missed a game.  Not one.  My uncle participated in basketball and football for years.  My grandpa went to every single game and cheered him on.  So in honor of both of these great men that I love, I share these photos of my beloved grandfather, taken by his son Blake for a high school photography class.

My grandpa, the faithful spectator.


edit – It turns out these photos were taken by my Uncle Miles, not my Uncle Blake.  I found additional copies of these photos in an album created by my Grandmother with a note giving photo credit to Uncle Miles.

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