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Photograph Showcase: Almost Ready for a Drive

Frank & Frankie Duval
Frank & Frankie Duval

I love this photo of my great grandfather and his son fixing the car.  The open door is so inviting, I want to hop in and go for a drive.  My mom likes to say that when she and Grandpa Duval would drive through Montana on those long straight stretches, he would tell her to keep an eye on the road.  His right eye was tired and he needed to close it for a while.  Don’t worry though, his left eye was doing just fine.  But if the car wasn’t staying straight she should just reach over and adjust the wheel.  I wonder if he would try that trick on me?  What do you say Grandpa, how about a drive?  I’ll keep the car on the road for you so you can rest that tired right eye!

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    1. Thanks Nate, I agree. I would love to know more about his moment. Did grandpa teach Frankie how to fix something? Was he just letting him tinker or tighten things? Oh so many more thoughts tumbling around about this moment.

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