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Ellis Album, Photos 12 & 13 – Uncle Dale & Aunt Jean

These two wonderful people are my GrandUncle Dale & GrandAunt Jean.  Dale is the son of my 2nd great-grandparents, Claude Albert Ellis & Blanche Octavia Huband.  Dale was a math teacher.  These pictures strike me as yearbook photos.  Do they have that feel for you?  I love the bow tie!



These photos come from the sixth page of the album.  Here are pages six and seven to give context for this photo:

IMG_1652 copy

This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.  Living descendants of Dale & Jean, please feel free to contact me to obtain scans of the photos that contain living family members.  My email address is on the sidebar.  🙂



14 thoughts on “Ellis Album, Photos 12 & 13 – Uncle Dale & Aunt Jean”

  1. If they are yearbook pictures you might be able to find the yearbook!!!! Many many are on the web and in “databases”.

  2. If they are yearbook teachers, then I’d say Dale was a teacher at the time—he looks too mature to be a high school or even a college student. But then people did look older back then, so I could be wrong!

    1. Yes, he was a High School Math Teacher. Apparently he was quite popular and his students called him “Doc Ellis”. I’ve noticed that some teachers would bring in other family members on school picture day and when I saw these I wondered if that was what I was looking at…?

  3. GrandAunt Jean seems too old for that to be a yearbook photograph unless she was a teacher. But so nice that you have them.

    1. I agree – he was a teacher and I wonder if these are both photos that were taken at school. His for the yearbook, hers just because? I know some teachers bring their family members in on school picture day to have a portrait taken…

  4. I happened upon your blog doing a search on the Huband family. A link to Blanche Octavia Huband came up which led me here. Looks like we are related. Blanche was my father’s (Lane Huband) sister. Your grandmother, Margaret was my first cousin. We lived a couple of blocks from the Ellis’ in North Ogden. I grew up in the old Huband house there. Dale was also my math teacher at Weber High School in the late 60s. Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised by your blog and the photos of the Ellis family. I used to have a website on the Huband family but I discontinued it about a year ago but parts of it are still archived. See:
    You may be interested in some of the info there. Hope you continue to post the photos from my Aunt Blanche’s albums!

    Frank Huband

    1. Hello Frank! How wonderful to hear from you!! Yes, I will definitely continue to share Grandma Ellis’ albums. This one will just get better and more interesting for you as I go. Lots of great stuff at the end. I also found three more albums she created so I’ll share those as well, eventually. I still have a little one who is only 6. Do you live in Utah? You may be interested in coming to my home to look at some of the other items I have on the Ellis and Huband family. Feel free to email me – address is on the sidebar. 🙂

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