Photograph Showcase: A collection of moments from Grandma’s life



Deane Alice Duval

born – 27 June 1932, Montana

died – 17 September 2017, Washington

My heart is full.  There is so much to say, both here, and privately.  So many things that need to be recorded and preserved.  My Grandmas were both instrumental in helping me begin my genealogy journey.  Both are now gone.  Grandma Deane shared with me everything she could.  Photos, documents, stories, facts, family rumors and legends.  Everything.

I was able to be with her the last two days of her life.  What a tender, difficult, healing, heartbreaking, and precious time.  I wiped the last tears she ever shed.  I held her hands.  I swabbed her mouth with a wet sponge.  I rubbed her feet and legs.  I kissed her forehead.  I stroked her cheek.  I told her I loved her again and again.  But I will never be able to repay all that she did for me.

Farewell to my oldest and truest genealogy partner-in-crime, cheerleader, and occasional corrector.  When I called to share my discoveries, I was greeted with a “well hi, sweetheart”, with her unique Pacific Northwest accent flavored by her family’s recent English and French immigrants.  I will miss that.  I imagine the next few new discoveries will be bittersweet because I won’t be able to call and talk to her about them.

Thank you, Grandma, for everything.




Author: thegenealogygirl

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18 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: A collection of moments from Grandma’s life

  1. They are always with you. You will still hear her voice and her encouragement. May her memory always be a blessing to you and your family.

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  2. Your grandma sounds like a very special person and an inspiration. You have my sympathy, and I know your memories will keep her close to your heart in the coming years.

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  3. As I wrote to you elsewhere, you are carrying forward her legacy, and that must have given her great peace of mind, as did your presence in her last days. You will keep her alive with your work and your memories and stories.

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  4. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. Cherish all the memories of your years together.

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  5. I’m so sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. Sending hugs and kindness to you and your family. You have created a wonderful tribute here — the love just shines through.

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  6. What a beautiful tribute. Your grandmother looks like she was a true joy! I love her expressions in so many of these photos.

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  8. You must be heartbroken. I’m so sorry. She looked like a lovely woman.

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  10. I enjoy your stories especially the simplicity. They encourage me to imagine that perhaps I could tell the history of my family. Your grandmother was 1 year younger than my sister, who is 13 years older than I am. My mother lived to be 97 but I doubt that I will live so long.

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