Photograph Showcase: Great Grandma Costello, Before She Was A Great Grandma



IMG_3880 - edited

Mary Brown Young Costello in front of her home at 7505 N Regal Street, Spokane, Washington.


I love this new-to-me photo of my great-grandmother, Mary Brown Young.  She has always been Grandma Costello to me.  We would visit her at the care facility where she spent many of her last years in Spokane, Washington.  She was a spunky little Scottish lady.  I wish I had paid more attention during our times with her.  She probably shared some stories with my Mom on our visits, but I don’t remember any of them.

We have very few photos of Grandma Costello.  This one comes from Aunt Barbara’s collection.  Aunt Barbara is the daughter-in-law of Mary Costello and has been one of my most valuable sources of information, photos, stories, and details on my Costello line.  I am so thankful for her!


I did a little bit of editing on this photo to clean up dust.  It’s a bit light so I also did a few other edits to create these two versions.  I can’t decide which of the three I like best.  Which do you prefer?



Happy Thursday, I hope you find a fantastic new ancestor photo today!



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20 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Great Grandma Costello, Before She Was A Great Grandma

  1. I like the third one best—nice editing job! You really sharpened it well.

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  2. I agree. The third one looks terrific. Nice work.

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  3. I like #2 best. Just to be different haha. Great pic! She looks a bit like a spitfire!

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  4. Lovely photo Amberly. I’m in the “third edit” camp on this — I think it’s sharper. She looks like a feisty woman — not unlike my own Scottish grandmothers.

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  5. I also like the third one best. You did a nice job of editing.

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  6. I can’t decide but then I’m always partial to the originals.

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    • Me too. I like cleaning them up a bit, especially if there is dust or scratches on the face, but after that, I like to see them as they are. The edits are usually just for fun. But I have noticed that my family members tend to like the edited ones. If you don’t watch the actual editing, it feels a little bit more like “choose your favorite”. Or so it seems.

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  7. The third one is a little sharper but both that and the second are fine. 🙂

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