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Ancestor Story – James Young and his convenient death date – 52 Ancestors

YOUNG, James, 1870 Death Record
Death record for James Young, middle entry.

A few weeks ago I wrote about James Young (1824-1895).  He was my end of line individual until I finally found his death record and learned the names of his parents, James Young and Janet Robertson.  I wondered if my new James Young was also the son of a James Young.

Well, it turns out he wasn’t.  The backward streak of James Youngs was finally broken when again I found a death record.  This James Young was considerate enough to die after civil registration started in Scotland.  This means his death record has the names of his parents.  Hooray!  I pushed the line back another generation to Thomas Young and Janet Ferguson.

I still have more research to do on James and his family.  So far I have identified eight children with a few suspicious gaps.  I know that he was born 26 October 1800 in Renfrew, Renfrew, Scotland to Thomas Young and Janet Ferguson.  He married Janet Robertson.  His first child that I know of was born in 1824.  In 1841 he is living in Renfrew with his wife and seven children working as a Cotton Hand Loom Weaver.  1851 finds him at the same address and occupation living with his wife and six children.  In 1861 he is living in Renfrew with his wife and two daughters working as a labourer.  He died 8 January 1870 in Renfrew.

Without this death record I would have really struggled to find as much as I have so far.  So Grandpa James, thank you for living fifteen years past the beginning of civil registration.  Fifteen years…  I wonder if I might be able to squeak in one more generation?  Maybe Thomas or Janet lived past 1855?  I haven’t checked yet.  I think I need to click on over and give it a look!


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    1. Thank you! I’m so grateful that I revisited this area of my tree. And to think, it’s all because someone made a mess in Family Tree. I’ll have to remember that and make sure I don’t ever get annoyed about that in the future. 🙂

  1. Nice work! Are you doing this research all online? If so, that’s amazing! I meant to ask you if you go up to the Family Search Center in SLC often?

    1. I am. With a two year old at home I have to try to do as much as possible from my couch while he is napping. I usually go to BYU every two weeks or so and spend an evening with the microfilm. I used to go to the FHL in SLC a few times a year when I lived in a different state. My family and I would come down for a visit. My husband would hang out with our kiddos and his grandma and I would research all day long, or for a few days. It’s funny, now that we live so close – about an hour away – I have only gone twice in the last six years. BYU makes a really nice substitute though because it is 15 minutes away from my home and I can order films for free, two at a time. Once I order them they stay at BYU forever. They take two weeks to arrive – hence the every two week schedule. I do really love a good marathon research day in SLC though. 🙂 If you ever need a film looked at that is already at BYU, let me know. I go with a friend who always takes longer than I do because she is working on Polish records.

  2. That was really considerate of James Young to die at such a convenient time! :o) One of my ‘End of Lines’ lived in {the very inconsiderate state of NY} in late 1700’s and early 1800’s….can’t find any death records! Any advice?

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